Meet Captain Glen Leverette at Barrique in Avondale February 8th
January 31, 2018

From the Bridge – February

February 8, 2018

What a Beginning!
If you joined us last evening, Thursday, February 8, 2018, for our social mixer at the Barrique Kitchen & Wine Bar, in Avondale, you will no doubt agree that it was a great event, filled with genuine fellowship, great refreshments and a boatload of FUN. We did manage to accomplish one piece of purposeful business, however, “electing” by voice vote of those attending the officers and board members of our Council, who were duly installed and ably sworn in by past Council president, Bob Kidd, at our recent official Annual Membership Meeting.

“Run that by me again”, you say?

Well, you see, somehow in the excitement of that august evening at the Yacht Club, with Congressman Ted Yoho present along with the surprise visit of a distinguished delegation from Vietnam, including the Ambassador to the United States, we managed NOT to conduct the actual election of our new leadership team. We just installed the nominees. I am happy to report that your officers and board members were confirmed in office last night by a resounding “Aye” vote accompanied by much good-natured laughter.

Now, don’t you feel better?

What a Speaker!
Who would have guessed that our guest speaker, CAPT Glen Leverette, USN, would turn out to be so entertaining? What energy! What enthusiasm! What inspiration! No wonder the good Captain is up for a flag and will soon find out what his future will be. Gets my vote, for sure, and I’d warrant the votes of all who heard him speak last evening.

No matter what the outcome, CAPT Leverette will stay in his current position as  Commander of the Naval ROTC Unit and Professor of Naval Science at Jacksonville University for at least a year. You can rest assured we will find a way to engage CAPT Leverette as our guest speaker at a luncheon meeting soon so he can relate to us his recent experience as Deputy Commander US Naval Forces Korea.

What a Shame!
If you were not with us last evening, you truly missed out! Don’t let that happen again, OK?  Special thanks go to Leighton Tesche for doing her customary stellar work in arranging the whole affair! It was a beautiful job, Leighton!

What a Year!
Your leadership team is hard at work planning a great year for our Council. To make it happen, we need your presence at our events, we need your support and we need your inspiration. Together, we will accomplish wonders! Our Council deserves to be among the best in the Navy League. We are determined to build on what our past leaders have achieved to keep us there.

Bill Webb
Council President

February 1, 2018

Thank All of You
As your newly-installed Council President, please accept my heartfelt thanks for allowing me to take the helm of Florida’s premier Navy League Council. It is truly a humbling honor. I would be intimidated were it not for the stellar women and men who have agreed to serve our Board of Directors. They are dedicated, enthusiastic and capable. Please refer to their listing elsewhere on this website, and please, when the opportunity arises, thank them for their volunteer service to our Council. Better yet, consider joining our leadership team yourself. There is much to do. We can use all the help we can find.

Installation Dinner
If you did not attend our Annual Meeting dinner last week you may not know about the surprise honor that was paid to our Council. We knew that Congressman Ted Yoho was to be our keynote speaker. Thank you, past President Bob Buehn, for arranging that! His keynote was excellent.

What none of us knew until about a week in advance was that Representative Yoho would bring with him the Ambassador to the U.S. from Vietnam, the Ambassador’s wife and several members of the Ambassador’s staff as well as additional members of the Congressman’s staff. I can assure you that our incoming V.P. for Protocol, Leighton Tesche, handled the last minute arrangements with distinction. Her task was made no easier by the impending government budget shutdown that made the entire delegation’s visit an uncertain thing until about 48 hours in advance. Thank you Leighton for a stellar presentation. You did us proud!

Honoring Hugh Howton
It was especially gratifying for me personally that at our dinner our Council honored long time member and Navy League leader Hugh Howton for his exemplary service. When I was first a member of our Council’s Board during the mid-1970s, it was legendary Navy Leaguer, Rod Porter, who brought me in. Rod, Hugh and I became special mates. When business took me away from Jacksonville on short notice, I left without thanking Rod and Hugh for what they meant to me. By the time I returned we had lost Rod, but Glory Be, we still have Hugh. Thank you, sir!

All Ahead Full, for MISSION and MEMBERSHIP
In his swearing in presentation, long time Council leader, Bob Kidd, emphasized the MISSION the Navy League is tasked to perform. You will see it referenced several times on this website. Our MISSION is real, and it is important. Our ability to perform is directly tied to our MEMBERSHIP. That relationship between MISSION and MEMBERSHIP will be a major theme of our work in the coming year. Everyone of you reading these lines knows someone who should be a member of our Navy League Council. Please invite them to join. We are counting on YOU to take action. If you don’t, who will? Thank you!

Hail and Farewell
So, it’s Hail, Bill . . . no pressure in that, right? But, it’s also Farewell to JB Renninger, our outgoing president. You did a great job, JB! We are all in your debt. Fair winds, my friend, and following seas.

Bill Webb
Council President